BDS Wales website

BDS Wales websiteNew website for the Welsh branch of the British Driving Society. There are also individual sites for each of the 7 BDS Wales areas. The site was designed to look good on mobile devices.

The site has a calendar which is automatically populated with events from each Area’s Calendar. The BDS Wales events are also automatically shown on the Area site calendars.

There is a simple gallery feature where images are resized on the admins computer before uploading. This saves on bandwidth and is quicker on slow internet connections.

Breed Pages Added to Dragon Driving

Breed pages have been added to the Dragon Driving Horses for Sale website. It was thought that the search facility was suitable for finding a particular breed of horse on Dragon Driving. Then one day I was looking up Shire Horses and the search brought up all adverts that mentioned Derbyshire, Yorkshire, etc.

The breed pages only shows pure bred horses, this is the same philosophy as other pages like the Driving Horses page only showing horses and ponies that actual drive or have been driven in the past.

 Dragon Driving Horses for Sale website

Improved Search for Dragon Driving

I have improved the search facility on Dragon Driving. You can now search the large number of equestrian adverts by a number of categories eg price bracket or size bracket. The results can also be ordered by price, size or date. The main improvement is the ability to see adverts from a particular area. Multiple areas can be selected  by pressing Ctrl and selecting another area from the list.

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