BDS Wales website

BDS Wales websiteNew website for the Welsh branch of the British Driving Society. There are also individual sites for each of the 7 BDS Wales areas. The site was designed to look good on mobile devices.

The site has a calendar which is automatically populated with events from each Area’s Calendar. The BDS Wales events are also automatically shown on the Area site calendars.

There is a simple gallery feature where images are resized on the admins computer before uploading. This saves on bandwidth and is quicker on slow internet connections.

Plants 4 Business redesigned onto WordPress

Plants 4 Business had lots of new colourful planters to add to the website. The old site had a restrictive layout that didn’t work with the new images which were mainly of the planters and plants insitu in offices, receptions, public areas etc..

Working with Jacqui fromIPF Omnipex we have made a new site that works with the new images and makes it easier for customers to see the vast range of planters and plants they have to offer.



planetpoetry® gets a grid theme

A redesign of the planetpoetry®  website to coincide with the launch of the new poetry e-book Stuff and Nonsense by Daniel Phelps.

The website has a crisp grid theme with hover effects and colourful cartoon images.

Daniel at planetpoetry®  has written some witty children’s poems that will also appeal to adults. A selection of the poems have been compiled into an e-book  but the site it still stuffed full of his original work which he is freely sharing with anyone with a few minutes to read the poems in the various sections from Creatures to the World of Music.

Daniel is also available for school poetry workshops and to help businesses with a strapline, slogan or verse to promote their products.

planetpoetry® website front page